Products and Solutions offered by WTC

Although we try to make sure that we cover most of the common business cases, we have designed our products in such a way that it is easily customizable and third party integration becomes straight forward. At this moment WTC provides you following products/solutions off-the-shelf:

  1. Health Care Information Systems (HCIS)— an ERP for health care domain which suits everyone involved in health care. The modularized design ensure that clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, corporate hospitals, diagnostic center, etc can take complete advantage of this solution to provide improved services to the patients.
  2. Restaurant Management Systems (RMS) to enable restaurants to serve the customers more effectively and manage their inventory in best possible ways
  3. Cargo Management Systems (CMS) to enable effective cargo shipping, tracking, delivery and accounting
  4. eTrader to enable MCX, BSE and NSE members to manage their internal customers, their day-to-day trades and accounting and act as a sub-broker
  5. Voucher Management Systems (eVMS) for telecom and retail sector as a flexible payment mode
  6. KabOta dashboard framework for data integration, reporting and analysis. Currently this framework has been used by flow meter data integration and analysis as well as clinical data analysis
  7. WTC Accountant is an accounting module, which is flexible for integration with any product as well as it is complete in itself to fulfill specific accounting needs
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