What process? Do we have time for that?

As an individual when you have better control on things around  you (or sometime just because your false ego doesn’t allow you change something which will make your life better), the thought about process never comes to your mind.

Unless one day you realize that whatever you thought is completely under control, is very person specific. There must be something to ensure that anyone can do this work. After all, you always wanted to move ahead in your life. So, even if you want to delegate your work to your sub-ordinate, there must be a process. Adhoc, approach in the best case, means that you DO NOT want to learn from other’s learnings.

Let’s think about an extreme situation. Think about the situation when you have to disappear — all of sudden. What happens to your company, when there is no formal process? Where you used to be a strength for your company, now you have become a bottleneck. Nothing can move ahead unless you get back. Now, think about having a process which clearly states that these are my delegates for so-n-so tasks and in case I am not accessible for so-n-so period then they are eligible to take so-n-so actions on my behalf. I am sure, most of your work will continue and when you come back, things will be as per your expectations.

Hmm … if the process has so much advantage, then why don’t everyone have one? Well, I personally feel that — you need to see beyond current situation. You need to think about sustainability and overall growth. The moment, you go into a bigger scope, need for process become so obvious that lack of a clear process starts irritating very often.

Sometimes, even though you seem to understand need for a defined process, you wonder if your people will be able to execute it or not? Well, this is where you seem to be lacking a people skill. You need to make your team feel important. They are also human being and as a human being they are at least as capable as you think you are. Remember, most of the time, it is “FOCUS” on anything which differentiates two individual. As a leader, your main responsibility is in getting your team to focus on the items which are important for company’s growth. Give them the ownership. Let them fail and let them learn from that.

The process is even more important when two or more companies are involved. It is very easy to say, “our relationship is based on mutual trust, transparency and respect”. However, that statement itself is very subjective and left to individual interpretation.  Two person can think differently about what is transparent. Lots of things are left to emotional bonding and mood of the people involved. This is where, small companies needs to guard themselves. They must keep personal and professional (business) relationships in balance. An agreed business (partnership in case two or more companies are involved) process is mandatory. The sooner you realize the longer you will be in a win-win relationship with each other.

At walking tree consultancy we define a partnership process. Which is based on following:

1) We explain partner about our offering and capabilities

2) We understand their offering and capabilities

3) We ensure that we can complement each other and in case of conflict, we will find out a ways to have more confidence in each other

4) We define a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) document, which acts as a guiding principle for the two parties

5) The MoU is open for amendment if it results into a better understanding and increased confidence in each other

So, in nutshel, we have a MoU document, which provides us guideline to work independently in our own way for the same cause.

Remember, it is good to be independent and achieving interdependence is what will help you in becoming successful. For interdependency, you need to be consistent and you need to exhibit expected behavior.

Do you still have a question about why do you need a process? Huh??

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