Why do I need to use WTC’s product / solutions

Recently, I have been asked about WTC’s USP and how is it different from others. The first answer to the question is that the WTC’s highly motivated team is being lead by Ajit Kumar, and those who know him can tell you exactly about his fascination of playing with challenges. Having said that, he has ensured that team is using the technologies which are going to be everywhere in the market in next 2-3 years. While some of the commonly used functionality have been simplified, through the usage of exciting open source technologies, Walking Tree ensures that customer gets real value for their money. Here are some of the common things that you will see in any Walking Tree’s product:
1) We are developing our products using technologies which allows our product to be deployed in LAN, WAN or even single machine, without any changes in the code
2) The technology allow us to develop graphical user interface (GUI), which gives you a look-and-feel of desktop-based application on the web-browser (for example Internet Explorer and Firefox)
3) We have specially taken care of ensuring that our application looks consistent across the browsers – so that there will be least training issues involved during the operations
4) We have used KabOta framework to facilitate easier data integration, analysis and reporting. This makes life easier for small businesses in analyzing their business from different angles
5) If the business don’t want to manage infrastructure and instead they want to use our infrastructure, our same product can be available in SaaS (software as a Service) mode
6) We provide clustering support to ensure high availability of the product / solution
7) The usage of different activity monitoring parameters allows our applications to be proactive
8) For complex applications, we allow customer to configure business rules (without needing to consult a highly technical resource) to define functional behaviors like discounts, promotions, etc

Apart from that our development and deployment process ensures that there is least amount of downtime during the upgrade / installation. Overall, we try to use the well tested open source tools to ensure that the customer gets the complete advantage of our knowledge of technology.

In addition, we have given special care for integrating our product with 3rd party solutions. We can virtually expose our complete APIs as web services which can allow the third party vendors to integrate effectively.

We also use bugzilla to allow customers to report and track any issues involving their operations. This ensures that customers complaints are handled most effectively.

Overall, the approach is meant to ensure that customer gets complete peace of mind. If at all any issue occurs, they know what to do next. That gives them more confidence in our application.

This is what makes me recommend you to use Walking Tree’s product and solutions.

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