Apache unable to start using xampp console

Till yesterday, the apache installed on my machine was working happily. All of sudden today it stopped working. Interestingly, using xampp console, I was able to start MySQL, but Apache was not getting started.

Initially I thought that may be — somehow some configuration has got corrupted. So, I used the brute force method of uninstalling and installing xampp (of course I took backup of my work). However, I realized that I was not smart enough and re-installation was not useful at all.

Then based on my previous experience, I recalled that someone might have stolen the port 80 from xampp and that is why this problem is happening. However, following netstat output was not at all giving me any clue:
Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP wtc-ggggg55:http wtc-ggggg55:0 LISTENING
TCP wtc-ggggg55:https wtc-ggggg55:0 LISTENING

Can you guess the reason? It was skype. If skype gets started before apache then it hogs port 80. I am sure skype team has a scope of improving. At least that is frustrating for techie audiences.
Alright, I quit skype and I was able to start apace using xampp.

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