Forthcoming ExtJS Training

Pre-requisites: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, DOM

Location: Hyderabad
Duration: 2 Days (16 Hrs.)
14th – 15th Nov’09
28th – 29th Nov’09
12th – 13th Dec’09
Course fee: INR 7,500/- (Seven thousand and five hundred)

Course outline:

1. ExtJS Introduction
2. Getting the latest release
3. Taking the bird-eye view
4. Development tools
5. Preparing the ground for development
6. Seeing ‘Hello World’ in action
7. Overall architecture
8. Fundamental classes
9. Taking API docs tour
10. Event Handling
11. Component Model
12. Containers and Layouts
13. AJAX
14. Working with Stores
15. Transforming view with Template & DataView
16. Persisting your UI state
17. Working with DOM
18. Utilities
19. Creating and extending classes
20. Internationlization & Localization
21. Hands-on — Get your hands dirty
22. Resources
23. Where do we go from here?

On successful completion of the training, the participant will receive a certificate from Walking Tree.

Registration: For registration and information about the payment, send an e-mail to with the date and the following subject: ExtJS Training Registration

For corporate or group training and discounts, please write to and mention your preferred date and number of participants.

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18 comments on “Forthcoming ExtJS Training
  1. Bala says:

    plz share the contact details of hyderabad office,

  2. Gopal says:

    The sessions are scheduled on weekdays. If they are arranged on weekends it will be more helpful to attend for job holders. thoughts?

  3. Walking Tree says:

    Please visit our website’s ( event section to know the ExtJS / Sencha Touch specific event schedule

  4. Prasad says:

    Im one who can ready to join in EXT JS Training …..!!!

  5. Vivek says:

    Yes, I am in Bangalore. Please arrange for that

  6. Vivek says:

    I think I am no.3 to enquire about the Training session in B’lore… Waiting for it soon 🙂 For notification please comment on a post of my Blog. Thanks.

  7. Suraj says:

    Any latest updates on Training schedules in Bangalore?

    • Walking Tree says:

      Hi Suraj
      We don’t have any immediate plan for conducting a training session in Bangalore. However, if we can get 6+ member team from Bangalore then I would be able to plan a session over there.


  8. wtcindia says:

    A very good news for the Sencha users is that Walking Tree has entered into formal partnership with Sencha to provide training and consultancy to the Sencha customers and promote Sencha in Indian and Indian subcontinent. We are excited to be associated with Sencha – the wonderful framework development company. We hope to be able to serve you more effectively.

  9. manifest says:

    would love to have training sessions in bangalore…

  10. wtcindia says:

    Walking Tree is conducting ExtJS training again on 16th and 17th October’2010. Please send your nomination to We have 9 seats available for this session.

    The training will be held at our Hyderabad office, which is located at:
    Plot No. 217/A, Western Hills
    Addagutta Society
    Opposite JNTU (towards Pragati Nagar)
    Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 72
    Andhra Pradesh

    The training duration is 2-days and tuition fee is 7500. You MUST confirm your participation before 12th October 2010.

    • Saikrishna says:

      Hi, the fee is too much expensive.. ExtJS is opensource.

      • wtcindia says:

        Hi Sai,
        I have taken a note of your remarks. Not sure if I will be able to reduce the price at this moment. For us, maintaining quality is more important. Also, price seems to be extremely reasonable (check out price from Sencha team, which is 1995 USD per candidate).


  11. wtcindia says:

    Walking Tree is conducting ExtJS training again on 22nd and 23rd May’2010. Please send your nomination to We have 10 seats available for this session.

    The training will be held at our Hyderabad office.

    Following is the day wise breakup of the course:
    Day 1
    ExtJS Introduction
    Getting the latest release
    Taking the bird-eye view
    Development tools
    Preparing the ground for development
    Seeing ‘Hello World’ in action
    Architectural overview
    Layouts, Containers
    Form fields
    Grids & Editor grids

    Day 2
    Integration with backend (XML, JSON, Arrays, PHP and Java)
    State Management
    Working with DOM
    Internationalization & Localization

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