Adempiere for your ERP, SCM and CRM needs

Adempiere is giving real tough time to the big names like SAP and Oracle with its open source ERP and CRM packet. So what is in it which makes it so popular and reliable?

A brief look at the Adempiere shows following:

  1. It is an Open Source – ERP, SCM and CRM software – built cohesively – which provides 360 degree view of the business – including your company, its customers and vendors.
  2. It is affordable, adaptable, and scalable as per the business needs – suitable for all size of the business
  3. It comes in Web as well as desktop version – with consistent look everywhere – least training requirement!
  4. Has in-built support for On-line Analysis Processing (OLAP) and comes up with strong reporting framework
  5. It is design around business processes and transactions rather than on the traditional accounting and departmental views architecture
  6. It comes up with great inbuilt support for process flow (work flow) management
  7. It provides multi-lingual and multi-currency support
  8. And here comes the beauty – provides support for multi-client, multi-organization (for a given client) and multiple warehouses for a given organization!
  9. Its configurable Taxation and Payroll modules are too good to leave from this list

Overall – this is a great product to have and Walking Tree is lucky enough to have huge experience in Adempiere implementation. So far we have implemented this for following industry
1) Construction & Project Management
2) Healthcare
3) Cargo and Logistic Management
4) Acoustics

Support is often the cause of concern for Open Source products. The customer has a constant question about what will happen if they implement Adempiere? Will they get the same level of support that they get from biggies like Oracle and SAP. The answer is YES. At affordable cost and in quicker time as well. Walking Tree team has a huge experience in implementing Adempiere software for its customers. We will be happy to hear from you on your Adempiere needs.

Please visit our official forum – for more activities related to Adempiere.

You can find Walking Tree’s contact detail at :

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One comment on “Adempiere for your ERP, SCM and CRM needs
  1. Prakash says:

    It is awesome. Thanks walkingtree.

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