Are you managing your OT effectively?

An Opreating Theatre (OT) or Operating Room (OR) is that specialized facility of the hospital where treatment procedures are carried out on human body by invasive methods under strict aseptic conditions in a controlled environment by specially trained personnel. OT is said to be the primary source of revenue generation with around 55 per cent of revenue earned just by this area. In some of the very good hospitals, it has been observed that around 35 per cent of weekday OT capacity is not utilised. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that you have well managed and effectively used OT facility for which you would be required to streamline key areas like manpower, scheduling, layout and designing. Before we get into the exact details, lets try to understand the key parameters involved during OT.

  1. Effective management
  2. Good communication
  3. Well trained staff
  4. Appropriate facilities and equipment
  5. Optimal theater design
  6. Pre-operative preparation and assessment
  7. Availability of beds
  8. Availability of sterile theater equipment
  9. Availability of pottering, cleaning and maintenance staff’s

By keeping the key parameters in perspective, it is very important for the hospitals to have effective planning and scheduling systems which will enable smooth patient flow — thus increasing capacity, improving patient and carer experience, improved employee satisfaction and morale. Before we start planning about solutions, it is important to understand the key points you must know as OT administrator:

  1. Optimal theater design, which promotes compactness as well as easier movement and communication of personnel involved during surgery
  2. Effective use of theatre time
  3. Managing and prioritizing operating list
  4. Ensuring availability of staffs required for the surgery
  5. Criteria for OT data collection, monitoring and analysis
  6. Double checking through appropriate checklist to ensure that all processes are being followed and all the required resources re available

By keeping all these in perspective, it is evident that OT requires high management skill and simple mathematical logic will not be sufficient. Even though you can come up with the best infrastructure, you are still required to make best use of these infrastructure. Many times usage not only depends on management and the skill of the doctors but it also depends on the condition of patient and patient’s response to the medicines – including anesthesia. So, even though there is so much of uncertainty, how do you make sure that you are able to operate at an optimum level – a level which ensure that resources are not underutilized as well as there is less unplanned over-utilization of resources.

Well, with Walking Tree’s HaMSa comes the OT module, which makes your life easier. It provides you complete facility to manage your OT with its features like
1) OT Scheduling and Resource Booking
2) Cancellation and rescheduling for booking
3) Equipment management
4) Various work flow check-lists to ensure patient safety and process compliance
5) Capturing of important data to provide you a heuristic value of figuring out time required for different services
6) OT Notes capturing
7) Performance Dashboard for a Surgical Suite and
8) Integration of OT with IPD, Daycare and Billing departments

The easy to use and integrated functionality of HaMSa ensures that management and doctor has complete picture of each and everything happening with the patient during his/her treatment. Thus there is reduction in error and overall improvement in patient care.

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