Choosing the Right Vendor for Enterprise Resource Planning Software

While you are looking for the right vendor to give you an Enterprise solution for your Business, there may be a few critical areas that you want to look at to make the right choice. These areas become all the more important given the dynamic economy and competitive business environment. The below list can be a starter for Businesses looking for the right solution for them, but i’m sure there may be other factors which will be specific to the pecularity of your business model.
1) ERP Implementation Duration – How soon ?
2) ERP Implementation Cost – How Cheap ?
3) ERP Training Cost – How easy/friendly ?
4) ERP Maintenance Costs
5) Total Cost of Ownership – Implementation/ Customization/ Training/ Hardware/ Software/etc
6 ) Payback Period ( ROI ) – How Effective ?
7 ) ERP Benefits Realization – How soon do i see Business impacts ?
8 ) Productivity Increase – Does it help my employees ?
9 ) Process Improvement – Does it help me make my proceses more lean/transparent and fair ?
10 ) Executive Satisfaction – Does it help executives to manage better ?
11) Employee Satisfaction – Does it help employees to perform better ?

Walking Tree’s EagleRP, has a decent win against other products ( like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc ) in the market in most of the factors. The framework built on Open technologies and the product adopted from Adempiere, makes EagleRP highly effective in maintenance and very affordable even for small to medium businesses. With this the ROI is very high and results into a great win for the enterprise.

Walking Tree’s EagleRP Is built on top of the Adempiere framework, a very popular open source ERP solution. Walking Tree has customized and strengthened the overall application by topping up with implementation of complex business rules to meet the needs of different verticals and lot of additional features in Accounting, Project management, Logisitics Management, etc.

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One comment on “Choosing the Right Vendor for Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  1. wtcindia says:

    One of the major reason small and medium business fear to go for automation is their lack of confidence about their workforce accepting the automation gracefully. Many business owners fear that the staff will start leaving job because they might find it difficult to use the ERP. The only answer I see that ease of use and extremely good quality of the software. These two things will give needed confidence to the employee. I have seen people fearing loss of job, being out smarted by some one who know less till now or worse – not able to do the job as effectively as they are doing right now.

    At Walking Tree – we have tried to focus on these aspects as well. We have structured our process in such a way that we get buy-in of not only the owner but users as well before we roll-in our solution into production. It is a great fun to see customer enjoying the completely integrated system.


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