Swasth Jeevan

Walking Tree is starting development of a health care portal, Swasth Jeevan.

This portal will allow completely secured collaboration among patient, their relatives and involved doctors. In next few releases of Swasth Jeevan, Walking Tree intends to provide following facility to its users:

  • Electronic Medical Records upload and management
  • Easy sharing of the EMR
  • Find suitable healthcare provider and services
  • SMS and email based reminders
  • Reach out to doctor(s) for independent consultation
  • Rate and share experience on healthcare providers and services
  • Share professional opportunity in healthcare
  • Provide various health tools
  • Complete healthcare support for old aged
  • Schedules and their integration with alerts
  • Record vital health information and view information in various formats, including visual charts
  • Manage family hierarchy and share records selectively
  • Knowledge management portal
  • Suggests right insurance and health products
  • Broadcast healthcare offers
  • Organize and advertise health camps

Since we are in the early phase of Swasth Jeevan, your contribution is highly appreciated. You can send your Swasth Jeevan wish list to Alok Ranjan (alok.ranjan@walkingtree.in) or you can leave your comments on this blog.

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4 comments on “Swasth Jeevan
  1. Ajit says:

    May be having the features categorised by different type of users(health care providers, patient, etc) would be useful to look at the overall offering of swasth jeevan

    • wtcindia says:

      That is right Ajit. Currently we have thought about following types of entities (users):
      1. General People (End Customer)
      2. Doctors – includes all type of doctors
      3. Nurses
      4. Ward Boys
      5. Hospitals
      6. Nursing Homes
      7. Clinics
      8. Fitness professional
      9. Fitness Centre
      10. Life Style Professionals
      11. Insurance companies
      12. Third Party Administrators (TPA)
      13. Medical & Nursing Colleges
      14. Government Organizations
      15. Healthcare Equipment Manufacturer
      16. Health related product manufacturer
      17. Medical Representatives
      18. Pharmaceutical Companies
      19. Ambulatory Service Providers
      20. Pharmacy shops and chains
      21. Old Age Home
      22. Corporate and Companies

      Please do let me know if you would like few more entities.

  2. softhare says:

    1) How about having a feature where we are able to show statistics of quality Health Care service providers based on the feedback recieved from registered users of Swasth Jeevan
    2) Updates on new research and advances in the Health Care industry globally
    3) Proactive Alerts, insights and preventive measures related to HealthCarefor the benefit of people like swineflu, etc
    4) Information on different cures available from Alopathy/ Homeopathy/ Ayurved/ Yog/ etc for the same health issue.

    • wtcindia says:

      All of them has to fit into Swasth Jeevan. We will try to get meaningful feeds from the trusted sources and edit them if needed to ensure that we are showing quality content to our users.

      Also, Swasth Jeevan will contain all the functionality to be able to support full fledged medical tourism.

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