Managing Documents of a Project

Whenever we talk about a project, there are various documents that comes to our mind. Although nature and content of these documents depend on what industry you are talking about and what methodologies are being followed, the bottomline remains that if you want process driven development then these documents become mandatory. Sometimes project share documents and very often these documents are completely different across projects. Good thing is that . While none debates about the importance of the document, most of the people have faced difficulty in accessing the right document at right time. The most common reasons are

  1. document sharing through email
  2. poor document naming convention
  3. lack of timely communication
  4. need to access document when you are away from your system
  5. lack of consistent directory / folder structure
  6. lack of awareness about existence of such document

This is where Walking Tree has helped it’s Project Management Solution (PMS) customers in managing their documents effectively. Some of the key features includes:

  1. Defining document related needs at task template level – to ensure project tasks are aware of
  2. Workflow driven features which ensure that relevant people receives Email / SMS on time
  3. Ability for define communication temlate – including substitution of project specific information at run time
  4. Ability to send the available document directly as attachment to one or more recepients
  5. Open office integration
  6. Escalation if the document is not available on time or it has not been approved on time
  7. Document versioning
  8. Ability to attach various types of documents and archive them if needed
  9. Association of documents with context – for example
    1. Project Level
    2. Activity / task level
    3. Quotation level
    4. Purchase Order Level
  10. Inbuilt document viewer

With these features, what the system ensures is that the right document is created by the right person and it is available at the right time. Moreover, this solution is available over the internet / intranet so you don’t really need to carry your machine with you. This collboration through internet helps you in synchronizing designing and building activities around the world to ensure better quality and shorter time-to-market.

While we can come up with all kind of features – the ultimate success is dependent on how well the users are able to use it and how trained they are. That is where Walking Tree helps you again. Whenever, we deliver a solution we have extensive UAT plan, which includes training for your staff and handholding during the UAT. By the time you go in production, all your staff members feel comfortable and acceptance is already there. If you wish to avail our service you should visit our contact us page for further detail.

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