Mailbox in ADempiere

Title: Mailbox in ADempiere

Summary: This article gives an overview of the Mailbox related enhancements made in ADempiere to allow the user to manage their internal (sent to/received from ADempiere users) as well as external (sent to/received from non-ADempiere users) e-mails without leaving ADempiere. This has got all the features of a typical E-mail client and beyond (e.g. you can tag your e-mail with a Project in ADempiere to track the project specific communications)

Problem Statement: ADempiere has got the facility to send e-mails and also a basic mailbox for the user to see their messages which they have received from other ADempiere users, setup in the same instance of ADempiere server. It lacks the capabilities a typical e-mail client provides. E.g. reply, forward, tagging, read from external mail server (such as, say, mail server), etc.

Prerequisites: Mail server detail must have already been setup during the ADempiere setup process as shown in the below screenshot:

Mail Server Setting

System Requirements:

  • ADempiere 3.4.2s or above
  • Sun/Oracle JDK 1.5/1.6 depending upon the ADempiere version
  • PostgreSQL 8.x or above
  • JBoss 4.2.x or above


The Mailbox has been integrated with ADempiere ZK UI. When you login, you shall see the Mails as another entry in the Menu accordion. The following screen shot shows the Mails menu and the different parts of the mailbox:


Toolbar: The following screen shot shows the list of toolbar options available with the Mailbox and their description:

Mailbox Toolbar

Toolbar option Description
Get Mail Reads recent mails from the Mail server
Compose Compose a new mail
Reply Reply to the sender
Reply To All Reply to all the people who were on the received mail
Forward Forward the mail to a recipient
Tag Tag a mail with a project in the system
Process Process the mail and create the project notes
Mark for Follow-up Mark an e-mail for further follow-up
Edit Edit a mail


Following are some of the screen shots showing how the application



Compose a new mail




Sent Item


Mail received in your e-mail client (e.g. Thunderbird)

Thunder Bird Inbox

Reply using your e-mail client

Thunder Bird Compose

Mail received in the Inbox

Mail received



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7 comments on “Mailbox in ADempiere
  1. littlemayta says:

    Reblogged this on Adempiere ERP and commented:
    Configuracion de mail en usuarios de Adempiere, explicito.

  2. ravurisuman says:

    Can you send mail to

  3. gaurav Sontakke says:

    We want to have this with our implemented Adempiere solution .
    Can you send us the proposal ?

  4. Gaurav says:

    Is there any document available for this enhancement ?

    Thanks for reply in advance

    • Alok Ranjan says:

      This enhancement was part of a custom solution and it is kind of tightly wired. We don’t have explicit documentation / code for this enhancement that can be shared immediately.

  5. Hi, have you shared the code for this ??? Thanks

  6. Habib says:


    I have just bought your book. It is excellent. Besides that I saw your website today and reached to your blog Mailbox in ADempiere.

    I want to know if you have made this enhancement Public? Or is it available for some price?

    I need this for a customer.



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