Cash not available as Tender Type on Payment window in Adempiere 360lts

When we looked at the payments window – we saw that Cash option didn’t exist in Tender Type. After reading through the Adempiere forum realized that people have reason to have it there and not have it there. Luckily for Adempire user, most of the code exist, which allows you to use this feature without much fuss. However, there are some changes required to enable this feature. This article will talk about those changes.

By default the value of the system configurator parameter, CASH_AS_PAYMENT, is set to N. You need to change this to Y.
Cash Payment

One more configuration change that you need to make is in terms of removing dynamic validation on tender type. The TenderType coumn of payment window has a dynamic validation of Tender Type – not Cash. This filters the tender type cash (AD_Ref_List.Value ‘X’).

You need to disassociate this dynamic validation on TenderType column.

Next thing you need to do is to fix some code issue in Following line should not have nor (!) condition before the check for cash payment:
if ( isCashTrx() && !MSysConfig.getBooleanValue("CASH_AS_PAYMENT", true , getAD_Client_ID())) {

And finally add one line code to complete the Cash Journal document.

Well, now you are ready for making a cash payment.

Once you complete this document, it generate appropriate cash journal for you, where you can see the posting details. Notice the journal line created below (with the payment related details highlighted)

Adempiere also allows you to directly create a journal of type receipt, which in turn create payment record with document type AR Receipt. Following image shows the facts related to the cash payment:

I hope above information helps you in taking advantage of Adempiere’s amazing power. In case you need any professional help, you can reach us by visiting our Contact Us page.

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2 comments on “Cash not available as Tender Type on Payment window in Adempiere 360lts
  1. Walking Tree says:

    Look for string “MSysConfig.getBooleanValue(“CASH_AS_PAYMENT”, true , getAD_Client_ID()” and remove not operator!

    Once you are able to create CashAccess line successfully, call processIt method on MCash object.

    Hope this helps.

  2. asephakim says:

    Where the line number should i change the code and put the code

    Asep Hakim

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