Managing Customer Return in Adempiere

Problem Statement

In the previous article on “Managing Vendor Returns”, I have mentioned various reasons for material return by the business. Almost all the reasons are applicable for customer return as well. The only difference is that the earlier business was returning material to vendor and now customer is returning material to the business.

Following diagram depicts overall workflow involved during customer return:

Customer Return Workflow


As part of this article, I have assumed that you are familiar with sales order and shipment part of the sales process. After receiving the material the customer may decide to return certain material. This article helps you to understand customer return process using Adempiere.

For this example – I have created following sales order

Sales Order

And generated shipment / invoice with following details using Generate Shipments & Invoices process:

Generate Shipment

Ensure that you have got appropriate shipment and invoice generated:

Shipment And Invoice

Verified Inventory level of the involved product:

Product Info

How do we do this in Adempiere?

Adempiere allows you to configure various types of returns using the RMA Type window:

RMA Type

Using the suitable RMA Type and Shipment record for the return, create Customer Return RMA:

Customer RMA

Select shipment line corresponding to returned items and create RMA Lines

RMA Line

Complete RMA document

RMA Completed

Create Customer Return

Customer Return - Over Credit Limit

In case the customer has not paid the original invoice then at the time of return creation, the system automatically checks the credit used by customer and prevents business from issuing the credit notes to the customer. The Customer tab on Business Partner window shows the credit used by the customer.

In such case, you may like to create AP Receipt for the customer to settle the due. Once the due is settled, you can go ahead and create customer return. The valid customer return record looks like below image:

Customer Return

Create related receipt line

Customer Return Receipt

Create and complete Receipt Confirmation record

Receipt Confirmation

Create invoice for the receipt by clicking on “Generate Invoice from Receipt” button and complete the invoice:

AR Credit Memo

Review account posting information

AR Credit Memo - Accounts Posting

Issue a receipt for negative amount, which indicates that the business has paid corresponding amount to the customer:

Review stock details and you will see that the item count has increased by equivalent amount

Product Info After Customer Return

So, the sold material is back into the store! Well, now you know step-by-step process of creating customer return. This example again demonstrate the capability of Adempiere to meet your standard business process need.



As part of this blog I have documented one specific aspect of customer return, which is accepting returned material from a customer and issue a credit note.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and it helps you in making better use of Adempiere ERP.  In case you need professional assistance to be able to achieve your business need, you can always reach us by visiting our Contact Us page. If you have any specific question then feel free to post the same on our forum or the blog related to your topic of concern.

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8 comments on “Managing Customer Return in Adempiere
  1. Alan says:

    Realy good article. How to handle returns without a previous shipment in the system? This situation is a quite commom for my bussiness, and nowadays I created a sales order doccument type that generates a AP Credit Memo and a MM Customer Return. But I was advised that this way messes the account parts.


    • Ranjit says:

      Hi Alan,

      We can achieve this with small code changes, but as you know this can messes the accounting part of it, so better go with default feature.


  2. Correction I’m using the Invoice (Customer) window.

  3. Thanks for your tutorial is really usefull, I’m stocked in the step of generating the invoice, I’m not able to find the button “Generate Invoice from Receipt” in the Invoice (Vendor) screen, thanks if you can help me.

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