Burst Report In Pentaho

– What is Burst report..?

Report Bursting is the concept of creating a single report that delivers different results to each person viewing that report.This is based on security or data restrictions you define for them. For example, let’s say you have a sales department and that department is divided up by regions. The sales department has a sales manager and each sales region (we’ll call them the East, Central and West regions) has one or more salespeople. You want to deliver information to the sales manager about all sales in all regions but you want each salesperson to get only information about customers in their region. You may have this scenario or something similar in your own organization.

In the “olden days” we would have to create separate reports for each scenario, put them in different folders and have to maintain the multiple reports through multiple iterations of the universe and report as well as manage and maintain 4 separate folders with potentially 4 separate security structures; a good deal of administrative overhead to say the least.

Report Bursting provides us with a way to create a single report, in a single folder, and have that report know what information to deliver based on who the report is going to or who is viewing that report.

– Why is it used or say why would businesses need it..?

In a large enterprise reporting deployment, it is important to handle both a large amount of data and a large number of users. Imagine a scenario where a single report such as a monthly statement needs to be delivered to thousands of users. The same queries are run multiple times, taxing the database, and the same report is regenerated for each user to ensure data security.

‘Report Bursting’ is a feature that forces a report to run only once yet provides the appropriate output to each consumer of the report, thus greatly reducing the load on the database and the reporting server, while still ensuring data security. For example, in the case of a monthly statement, one query can be executed to return the data for all users. When the report is distributed to users, it is “burst” into parts, and each user receives a partial report containing only the information pertaining to them. Each user thus receives a report personalized with information relevant to their needs.

– What facility does Penthao provide to use Burst report..?

Pentaho Bursting has many advantages over other reporting solutions:


By using messaging the content creation and delivery process can be distributed and clustered. New resources can even be added to the burst process while it is executing.


The Burst Rule and Burst Process can be scheduled, audited, and controlled. The processes execute on your schedule as batch processes that are protected from end-user interference.


The Business Rule and Business Process use your business logic to generate queries that can apply row-based security and to determine the best recipients.
Implement Best Practices

You can implement your organization’s best practices for reporting and information delivery.
Information overload is reduced by customizing the content and using thresholds and business rules to boil the information down to the important cases.
Delivery thru email provides user’s with offline access.
Delivery of content as spreadsheets allows client-side analysis

You focus on two separate and distinct tasks.
1.How do we identify the cases or triggers that start the information delivery process
2.What gets delivered where for each case

…Yet Sophisticated

You can use business rules, database queries, web service calls, scripting, and workflows to customize the system as much as you need.


Since the Burst Rule and the Burst Process are separate processes Burst Rule could be implemented in any custom application and messaging, web services, or workflow orchestration used to initiate each Burst Process.

Pentaho supports Report bursting by providing abilities in Data Integration tool and Design studio.

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