Change audit log of business data in ADempiere

Problem Statement:

Many times users of ERP system are not tech savy. Sometimes they may enter wrong data in the system. It becomes scary, if they cannot correct that wrongly entered data. If there is a way to track the changes that were made and revert the changes if required then that will be a good feature to have. Also, if the tracking of changes can be configured only for specific business data that will be an additional nice to have feature. As a matured ERP solution, ADempiere provides this feature as part of core functionality.

Scope of Article :

As part of this article, we will cover following items

  • How to configure particular business data to record changes and track
  • Track changes in the business data
  • Revert the changes which are not required

Configuration for Data auditing:


This feature can be set up in the Role, which is associated with the user. To activate this auditing feature, navigate to the Menu | System Admin | General Rules | Security | Role window. Set the active tab to Role, and select your targeted role. Find and select the “Maintain Change Log checkbox”, as shown in the following screenshot:Role

Table based:

You can activate this feature based on the Table. The Table is a place where you save information in your databases. Activate this feature by logging in with the System user ID and System Administrator as the role. Open the Menu | Application Dictionary | Table and Column window. Find your table, and select the Maintain Change Log checkbox.


Use case:

Whenever there is change in applicaiton data, following data will captured in audit log based on the configuration

  •  Session in which chnage happended
  •  Transaction details
  •  Who did this change
  •  Name of the entity on which the change happened
  •  Update type i.e. insert, update, delete
  •  Old value & new value of the field
  •  Record ID of the entity 

We took following usecase for demonstration purpose

  • create new business partner
  • update business partner information
  • Revert the changes
  • Delete the business partner


  • Create new business partnerRevertedBP
  • Open Change Audit window, it tracks the changes that were made and also tracks user who made this changeChangeAudit1
  • Change audit also tracks entity details on which change was madeChangeAuditHostDetails
  • It also tracks old value and new value and type of operation i.e. insert, update or deleteEventLogOfChangeAudit
  • Now open same business partner and update its nameUpdateBP
  • Now verify it it change audit windowUpdateChangeAudit
  • Verify option to zoom to original record from Change audit windowChangeAuditRecord
  • Zoom to recordZoomtoPartner
  • Now revert changes that were made previously from Change audit windowUndoChange
  • Verify reverted changesNewBusinessPartner
  • Delete business partnerDeleteBP
  • Verify change audit. Now it lists all the columns as record is deletedDeleteChangeAudit


In this article we saw how business could track the changes in data and revert them if required in ADempiere system.This helps business for better auditing of data and also useful for history maintenance purpose.

Walking Tree promotes Adempiere and we support the users as well as the developers to ensure that the business is able to take complete advantage of Adempiere’s wonderful capability. In case you are looking for a professional assistance then do visit our website to get in touch with us.


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