Request management in ADempiere

Problem Statement :

Post sale support is one of integral and  important factors for  the success of business. Post sales support helps business to be in touch with customer and helps business to take feedback from customer and act upon it. ERP solution must have support for this functionality. ADempiere has comprehensive module for post sales support and this module is called ‘Request Management’. ADempiere ‘Request Management’ is designed not only to support post sales, but it also supports request within same business.

Scope Of Article:

  • This article talks about setup that is needed to make ‘Request Management’ run smoothly
  • Sample use case for request creation  for a problematic invoice and tracking it to completion


  • ADempiere 360 or more

Setup Steps:

  • Mail host setup in Client window : Request management has inbuilt Email integration. It sends mail to the respective stakeholders based on the changes that happened at request level. So configure SMTP client details hereclient_walkingtree
  • MailID configuration for users : User, be it customer or internal sales representative, populate their email, email id and password (optional). This configuration will help Request management system to send mails to respective usersuser
  • Request processor : Request Processor window allows you to define different processes along with the frequency and timing of these Processes. For different request types,business may like to have different frequency and rules for request processing.

request processor

  • Request type : Request Type window is used to define different types of requests. it allows business to configure many rules for request processing. Examples are ‘Account Inquiry’, ‘Warranty Issue’ etc…We need to configure this request type in Request Processor window under Request Type field.request type
  • Request group and Request category : Request Group and Request category windows provide a method of associating Request for different reporting needsRequest Group

REquest category

  • Request resolution : The Request Resolution window defines the Resolutions that will be selected in a Request. For example Dropped, Delayed and Solved etc. This kind of configuration allows business to define resolutions as per their standard terminologyREquest Resolution
  • Request status : Request Status category allows user to define the status and correpsonding transitions rulesREquest Status

          Note: You must have a Status of Final Close to permanently close any request.

  • Request standard response : The Request Standard Response allows you to pre-define Responses to be used in a Request.Request Standard Response

Use case:

Let us take the example where customer has an issue with an invoice that was raised and he/she wants to the invoice amount to be corrected.

  • Login to ADempiere application as user. Open invoice window and open invoice for which request needs to created. Click on Requests button on toolbarinvoice
  • Click on ‘create new request’, then Request window is displayed.NewRequest
  • Some of these fields may be automatically populated as this Request is creating from Invoice Document. Observe the Reference area, Two fields are populated with invoice details. They are Invoice_Id and Table name. Observe Following screen shot.NewRequestReferenceArea
  • Assingn request to ‘Sales representative’ and select request type. Based on the selection of request type, default request status will be set to openRequestSalesRep
  • Mail sent to Sales representative i.e user who needs attend this requestRecieveMail
  • Now login as representative and check the requestLogin
  • After Successful login you can see one request(s) waiting for you.RequestDashboard
  • After clicking the Request button it will display Request window.SaleRepOpenReq
  • By Zooming Invoice you will see Associated invoice with this request detailsZoomInvoice
  • Update request with the progress and save the requestRequestUpdate
  • Now mail will be sent with update.RequestUpdateMail
  • Based on this replay requester you can change status to closed or Final close . If it is Final Close the document will be marked as completed.CloseRequest
  • Verify Request current status details



    After going through this article, you have become familiar on how to configure request management in ADempiere.  By making best use of the request management module in ADempiere, business can provide the required support to the customer base and still report their transactions correctly.

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