Part 5/6 – Native packaging using Sencha Cmd – Packaging for Android Emulator

This article is about creating a package for Android and running it on an Android emulator.

Getting ready

Setup ADT (Android Development Toolkit) Eclipse with an AVD (Android Virtual Device). We will be using the setup to package and run the application inside the Android emulator.
Note down the path of Android SDK as we would need this in our configuration.

How to do it…

Follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Create androidsim.json file and save the following content inside it:

 "icon": {
 "sdkPath":"/Users/ajitkumar/Softwares/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64/sdk", //mention the SDK path on your system
 "orientations": [


2. Run the Android emulator
3. Run the following command inside <your project folder>/native/TouchApp folder:
sencha app package run androidsim.json
The package for Android emulator is created, installed and the application is launched inside the emulator. You shall see the following screen when the application is run:



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