Content grouping in report through pentaho report designer

Problem Statement :

Content grouping is pretty standard need in any reporting solution. Does pentaho report designer support content grouping? Does it support multi level content grouping?

The answer is yes. Pentaho report designer supports content grouping and it supports multi level grouping.

Scope of this Article:

This article demonstrate how can we enable content grouping in a report and how a report structure changes after applying content grouping


Pentaho Report Designer 3.9.0 GA


  • Create a prpt report . Add the required data source from Data Sets


  • Select Product Type, Product Vendor, Product Name and Price from product_details (Sample data DB).


  • Now your data is ready to create a report.
  • Now drag a rectangle element on to the report header and add respective labels for these 4 selected fields.
  • Now go to data -> product_details Query  -> drag the values respective values into the details band.
  • Save and Run the report , this would give us a basic report.


  • Now let us apply grouping at product type.Follow the steps that are highlighted in the screen shot to apply grouping.
  • in below diagram at step6, select the field(product_type) that you wanted to group by from the drop down list .


  • You can observe selected  product_type at group level.


  • Move Product Type label to Group header , Move product_type value to group header to know the category of grouping .
  • Now the grouping is done at product type level in a report.



Hope u understood how a grouping is applied on standard pentaho report.

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Advanced HTML.prpt  file under \design-tools\report-designer\samples\Advanced folder in standard pentaho distribution

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