Parameterised pentaho reports using ETL transformation as Datasource

Problem Statement :

Many times we come across a need to use transformation as data source for a report. Pentaho Report designer supports this kind of requirement. It allows Transformation or Job as data source. It also has support to use report parameters as transformation parameters

Scope of this Article:

This article helps you the usage of  transformation (ktr ) as data source of pentaho report.


Pentaho Report Designer 3.6.0 GA (or) above


  • Create a table named year_val with following data


  • Create a transformation that reads data from year_val table for specific year and loads into a file. Year as a parameter to the transformation. Save the transformation


  • Open a new prpt report , Right click on data sets , select pentaho data integration . click on ‘+’ add a new data source ,give a name to it. Browse the transformation file that we created in on preview to get column name.


  • Get year and month fields to details, add year as parameter to prpt , go back to data source and click on ‘edit parameter’ option and add parameter’s at transformation Parameter and Transformation Arguments.


  • Please find the layout of prpt from below snap shot


  • Save and run the prpt report from PUC.



This article helps you to understand in detail ,how transformation  can be used as Datasource  in PRD

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