Rowbanding in Pentaho Reports

Problem Statement:

Applying different colors to each line in report is becoming common need these days. Pentaho Provides an inbuilt facility to Apply different colors or alternative colors to each line in the Report output using row banding.

Scope of this Article:

This article explains the usage of row banding step for alternate colors


Pentaho Report Designer 3.5.0 GA or above


  • Create a new report that select few fields from the table.


  • Drag the values to details pane .
  • Select band from the palette


  • drag it on to the details.


  • Now place the band for selected values in details.
  • Goto format and select the row banding function


  • Then a dialog box appears  as the following


  • In the above screenshot I am selecting gray and light gray color as Visible and invisible color respectively.
  • You can observe the Report with alternative selected colors in below snapshot



Row banding in report designer save lot of development efforts compare to using formula option.

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One comment on “Rowbanding in Pentaho Reports
  1. tuhin says:

    can you suggest me the process …how i impose this (alternate color cause in cross tab report the field that use in row axis is not effected any alternate color)for cros tab report

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