How to call pentaho report from xaction

Problem Statement :

Many times while executing a report in pentaho we need to perform some pre and post processing steps as per the functional need. The pre-processing steps would include   authorization of report of access, formatting and validating input parameters. Post processing steps would include keeping a report output in file system and sending email notifications to stake holders. Can pentaho report designer(PRD) support all these steps or do we need some another mechanism to perform these steps? PRD alone will not be able to perform these steps. If we can execute pentaho report from xaction then xaction will facilitate  us to write logic for pre and post processing steps.

Scope of this Article:

This article covers detailed steps to invoke a pentaho report from xaction.


Pentaho Design Studio 4.0 (EE, CE)


    •    Open a new xaction at define process page , Add outputType and outputTypeList as inputs under Process Inputs.


    • For  output type please fill the fields accordingly as shown in below screenshot with text/html as Default Value


    • For outputTypeList , select property-map-list as Type.  please fill Source of Input and Default Value fields as per below screen shot


    • Under process action tab, add Prompt/Secure Filter step,Rename it to output type and fill propmpt details as per below screen shot


    •  Add  pentaho report  and fill the details as shown below , My prpt and xaction are in same folder


    • Add Content to process outputs fill  Output Destination details as shown in following screen shot


    • Save it and refresh puc and execute this xaction.
    • You can find the following screen shot when you run it in new window , Select desired  output type



This article helps you to understand detailed steps to call pentaho report from xaction Walking Tree promotes Pentaho and we support the corporates as well as the developers to ensure that the business is able to take complete advantage of Pentaho’s wonderful capability. In case you are looking for a professional assistance then do visit our website to get in touch with us.


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4 comments on “How to call pentaho report from xaction
  1. guojiew says:

    how can I call a .kjb which contains some trasactions file(.ktr) using .xaction within pentaho bi server PUC? the execution log shows that it can not find the transactions(.ktr files), but if I call the .kjb directly within pentaho bi server PUC, it works fine…

  2. Anand says:

    how can I get the size of report output generated in Pentaho report Action as content object

  3. Sourav Sikka says:

    how can I send the report output in html format as html body message of an email?
    Need suggestion..

    At my end i tried a xaction to send report in email body its working fine for text and pdf format but not working for html part.
    html format also showing same as plain text report.
    Need suggestion.


  4. HuaShan says:

    can I reference more than one .prpt files from an .xaction?

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