Introducing “arbela” – An IoT-ready Dashboard


Walking Tree is pleased to announce arbelaRich, Extensible, Customizable, and Configurable IoT-ready Dashboard.

It has been built using Sencha Ext JS.


arbela is flexible enough to let you use it to build a general purpose IoT or non-IoT dashboard. Currently, you can connect and monitor any device that speaks following protocols:

Besides devices speaking different language/protocol, one can chose a presentation (e.g. a sparkline) that is more suitable to present a device data and link the presentation widget parameters with the device properties.

As a developer, you have the complete extensibility capability to build more presentations/parts (e.g. On/Off switch indicating a bulb status) and offer them to your dashboard users. You can add support for new protocols, as well.


arbela follows a reference architecture that makes it scalable, configurable, and customizable.

The architecture addresses the following major IoT aspects:

  • Support for different devices
  • Support for different visual presentations
  • Support for multiple visual presentations
  • Support for ansynchronous update

Getting Started

Starting with arbela is very easy. Follow these 3 steps.

Found an Issue? Got something to suggest?

Create an issue by clicking here.

Want to understand how Arbela can be used in your application?

Write to us with your requirement on connect[at]

Co-founder of Walking Tree, Speaker, Sencha Trainer, Author of Sencha Charts Essentials, Sencha Touch Cookbook, Sencha MVC Architecture, and ADempiere Cookbook.

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