Packaging UWP Application with more than 25GB Data

UWP has a limit on the maximum size of a given bundle. Using standard packaging strategy, we cannot package the app with more than 25 GB of data. While this works alright in most of the cases, there are applications which require a huge amount of data to exist locally. This article explains a solution for such applications.

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Setting up Visual Studio for Xamarin Test Cloud

Often the test automation falls under QA team and they do face challenges with the initial setup of the Xamarin Test Cloud environment. In this blog, I have documented steps for setting up the environment. Also, I have explained how to create a test project, write a test script, upload the script in the test cloud and test the application.

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Integrate Semantic UI Theme with Angular2

In this article you will learn about what is Semantic UI and how to use Semantic UI and theme with Angular 2. We found Semantic UI quite helpful and thought of sharing with you as well. The step-by-step blog will help you build application, which you can theme as per the customer’s need.

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Adding Guillotine Menu to Xamarin.Android Application

I’m sure you must have come across newest menu animation called Guillotine. In this, the menu Side bar becomes a Top bar as shown in below animation, where it drops down from the top of the page and gives a feeling of a Guillotine. Currently, this capability doesn’t exist off-the-shelf in Xamarin.Android. As part of this article, we are going to explain how to get this working in your Xamarin.Android application.

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Data-driven testing with Selenium, Apache POI and TestNG

Before discussing Data-driven framework, let’s understand why do we need Framework for Test Automation? A Test Automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing. It is simply an execution environment for automated

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Xamarin Mobile Apps Authentication using Xamarin.Auth – Twitter

Overview This article is a continuation of the article on the topic Xamarin.Auth Mobile Apps Authentication With Facebook. In this article, we will cover how to authenticate users with one of the most popular social accounts called Twitter. If you

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Xamarin Mobile Apps Authentication using Xamarin.Auth -Facebook

This article explains how to enable a users to login to a mobile app with their Facebook credentials without manually signing up for the app. We also discuss accessing the basic user info from the Facebook server using Xamarin.Auth component.

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