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HRMS and Payroll features of EagleRP that will be potentially contributed to Adempiere

Background Adempiere is a very popular open source ERP solution and over a period, it has become an obvious choice for the businesses which want to take advantage of the work done by the community. While working with various customers,

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Min & Max values configuration in ADempiere

Problem Statement: In any Business Application, we will have common need to validate the input data. One of the common and most used validation is range validation i.e. input data must be with in specified range.  In ADempiere we fulfill

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ADempiere application performance measurement using New Relic

Introduction In this article we will cover how to monitor an ADempiere application performance, how database is performing, which SQL statements taking more time etc with the tool like NewRelic. Problem Statement  Quick response is an important criteria for an

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Dynamic title for window in ADempiere

Problem Statement: In ADempiere, each window will be opened as new tab . We can open as many number of windows. Each window will have parent tab and one of more child tabs. Current functionality of ADempiere, If Parent tab

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Report output generation in new tab

Problem Statement: ADempiere has very good reporting framework. It has in built print formats and it supports third party jasper integration. But while executing these reports once user pass input parameters and say ok, report input parameter tab will disappear

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Carousel in ADempiere

Problem Statement: Any Business would like to propagate its core values, latest news and upcoming events to all the stake holders of the company. Stake holders can be employees of the company, vendors and customers who are associated to business.

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Jasper Reports Generation in XLS Format

Problem Statement: Inbuilt reporting engine inside an ERP application is good value addition for user and If ERP can allow integration of third party reporting engine as well then it is further value add. ADempiere supports reporting in two ways

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